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The Trumo Legacy Collection consists of 4547 total NFTs. Each one is completely unique, authentic and by artist Jon McNaughton. When you purchase (aka "mint") an NFT you will not know which one you are getting until after the purchase. It is like a card from a deck.

Pay with Credit Card We now allow you to pay by credit card. But make sure you have your crypto wallet address ready to receive your NFT. If you don't know how to get one, follow the instructions by clicking HERE. It only takes a few minutes. 

ABOUT THE COLLECTION With only 4547 Trump NFTs and payments now acceptable via credit card - we are excited to get the Trump NFTs to art lovers in a way they can truly enjoy. Jon McNaughton's portrayal of America's greatest President.

The McNifty Community Our community is built by art lovers, crypto lovers and conservatives that love the message. As we progress, we want to give back more. Our partnership with Steve Bannon and the War Room, Parler, $FJB and Jon's fantastic following give us a unique chance at big opportunities. 

By owning the Trump NFT you are unlocking opportunities for exclusive access to our chat groups with partners and allies. And as cool as it is, and as much as we love the community, the Biden NFTs will unlock future airdrops of Jon's Classic Characters from many of his most famous  paintings. Essentially, you will receive more NFTs just by holding onto the Trump NFT.


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